Engine 107

Engine 107 is second-due in Bellerose Village. A Pierce Lance powered by a turbo-charged Cummins Diesel, 107 went into service in 1993. The ten-man cab carries nine Scott 4.5's for donning while responding to a call. The on-board 500-gallon tank plus a pumping capacity of 1500 gallons per minute provide backup and support for engine 108 in both manpower and other resources.

Engine 108 responds to all alarms in Bellerose Village with the first few arriving firefighters. This allows quick size-up and usually extinguishes the fire early in the evolution. Engine 107 rolls to the scene with additional manpower when available or when directed by the Incident Commander. Our larger ladders, additional communications equipment, and other appliances are carried on 107.
Should the call require multiple attack lines, 107 might be used as a responding engine on its own, or might hit a hydrant and then feed water to 108 as 108's tank water is depleted. The combination of engine 108 followed by engine 107 manned by our well trained and dedicated firefighters gives Bellerose Village formidable response to fire