Engine 108

Engine 108 entered our service in 1998. It is a Pierce-built Class A pumper on an International chassis. Designed as a quick-response vehicle, 108 carries only three firefighters; in a pinch, she can be operated by one or two qualified responder(s) using a booster line and the large 800 gallon on-board water tank. If additional manpower is required, they arrive on engine 107 and can be put to work deploying the 1-3/4" pre-connected or the 2-1/2" attack lines loaded on 108, or deploying the resources of 107.

In addition to carrying considerable tank water, 108 is equipped with on-board foam, four Scott 4.5's, forcible entry equipment, a selection of extinguishers, a defibrillator, first aid supplies and both low-band and 800 MHz radios.
Since Bellerose Village Fire Department's core Firefighting strategy is quick response and quick water, engine 108 was built specifically for that purpose, and is our first-due response vehicle.